Let me just dive right in, as a hairstylist I've heard them all. Yes ALL of them, so let me just debunk some of the biggest hair myths for you so that you can find your healthiest hair possible!!!


1. Trimming your ends makes your hair grow?

A. False. Trimming your ends does nothing more than rid your hair of split ends that are begging to be removed. Trimming regularly ensures that the shaft doesn't continue to split higher than it should and eventually require more cutting. You should have a trim every 6-8 weeks, no questions asked. 


2. I need to wash my hair everyday? 

A. False. You do not need to wash your hair everyday as a matter of fact over washing your hair can cause excessive dry scalp which is often mistaken for dandruff. If your hair gets oily very easily try using a dry shampoo and only condition from mid shaft to ends on your hair. 

3. Using special products can make my hair thicker? 

A. False. There is no product on the market that is going to make your hair thicker. If you have fine hair, it can be styled to look fuller but don't be fooled by prodducts that claim they can make your hair thicker. 


4. Scalp stimulation is good for hair growth? 

A. True! You want to stimulate the scalp as often as possible. To get some extra stimulation to those hair follicles try essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender oil and peppermint oil.  


5. Brushing your hair makes it shiny

A. False.  Too much brush can lead to shedding and take away your natural luster. I recommend only brushing your hair when it's necessary!

6. You can mend split ends?  

A. false. Once ends are split, they are split. They need to be cut off. Don't waste your time or money on products that promise to mend them.


7.  Hair color is bad for my hair? 

A. false. Yes it's true that stripping your hair during the bleaching process will strip your hair of its cuticle however if you are coloring your hair a darker it will actually make your hair look fuller and healthier! 

8. Wearing a bonnet at night is good for your hair? 

A. True! A satin bonnet protects your tresses from the friction of your cotton pillow cases. Sleeping without one will leading to drying and shedding hair.  You can however get away without wearing a bonnet if you sleep on a satin pillow case!  


I hope these help you! If you have any you want to know the answer to- submit them below!!!

 Platinum Images owner, Jonathan Abernathy

Platinum Images owner, Jonathan Abernathy

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