If you were born with natural wavy or curly hair I'm sure you've spent endless hours figuring out how to keep it sleek and straight, maybe even going as far as relaxing it. I myself am guilty of fighting my natural curly hair for a looser texture but not anymore! I've been a natural hair officiando for 10+Years and I love it! Yes it takes work learning about products and figuring out what works for you and nothing beats waking up with your hair flat and smashed on one side and the other perfect plush!

To all of you who are taking a stand against manipulating your hair texture and falling in love with that waves and curls you were born with here are a few tips to give you the best looks possible!!! 


1. Ditch the Shampoo!

Yes I said it, ditch the shampoo! Most shampoos have sulfates and harsh salts that can raise the cuticle of your natural curly hair leaving it frizzy and dry. Instead of shampooing your hair daily simply condition your hair- in what naturalista have dubbed as "Co-washing". This will definitely result in a head full of shinier, bouncier curls! When it's time to shampoo be sure to have a sulfate free option available, just don't wash everyday. Fine hair every 2 days, coarser hair can go 3-4 days!



2. "Wet-Style" Your Hair

So many people say, "Oh my hair is sooo pretty when it's wet, but then it dries and its a mess." Prevent your hair from becoming a frizzy-mane by styling you hair when it's still wet. Apply your product to the hair and scrunch in an upward motion to enhance the curls or waves. Apply my favorite, Moroccanoil or a light serum to seal in shine and block out frizz. For more definition in your waves separate your hair into 4 sections and braid it while it's wet. Allow to dry and remove. Be sure to apply moroccanoil before you braid!


3. Get the Perfect Cut! 

One of the most important lessons I learned in beauty school is that, "Wet hair lies!", what's even more true is that wet curly hair definitely lies. Wet curls and dry curls have a different spring and bounce to them, some coil more than others and vice versa so it's  best to have your curly hair cut dry so that you get an even cut with no missing spots!!!



4. Stay away drying products

Many hair sprays, mousse and other curl enhancing products have drying agents such as alcohol in them. Stay away from them, they deprive your curls of moisture making them dry and crunchy!


5. Condition AGAIN! 

I can't stress the importance of conditioning natural curly and wavy hair. Curlier hair absorbs so much more moisture at the roots, sometimes leaving the ends deprived of moisture. The best way to replenish that moisture is via-conditioning treatments! For deeper moisture penetration apply your conditioner and a plastic processing cap while sitting under the hair dryer for 15 minutes!


6. Diffuse IT!  

The diffuser is important when drying your curls because it'll dry them more evenly. Apply a light serum or heat protectant and diffuse from roots, to mid shaft to ends, leave the ends slightly damp.  


7. Finger-Style

Allowing your curls and waves to naturally pop is super important. During styling use your fingers and not combs or brushes. Combing or brushing the hair during style will create a huge puff!!! To re-activate curls simply mist it with a 3 parts water and 1 part conditioner mix in a spray bottle! 


8. Limit the flat-iron  

I learned this lesson the hard way. Too much heat will ruin your curl pattern. If  you notice your curls are dropping after flat-ironing then it's time to lay off the heat! 


I hope these 8 tips will give you the curls and waves that you've always dreamt of! Like, Share and comment!!!