The beauty of hair extensions, when done properly can not only add a boost of confidence to someone struggling to grow their hair but also add length and fullness to ones tresses that are naturally fine or limp. Wearing hair extensions should be easy and should be easy on your hair, giving it a break from the daily styling war which Is why I was very alarmed when I received an email from a new client, in search of a stylist to help here remedy her weave issues! 

"Dear Jonathan, 

My name is Melissa and I'm looking for someone who can do my hair. I have a mixed textured of hair with very coarse spots in the back and top. I wear a sew-in weave and every time I take it out my hair is coming out more and more. My hairdresser told me it was normal and that I shouldn't worry. The last time I took it out I had sores from the braids on the side and back of my head. My hair use to be shoulder length and now it's Bob length. She told me that the weave would make my hair grow but I haven't seen any growth in over a year. I don't know what to do. Can you please help me, I've read all about you and your reviews are great. You seem to really take care of your clients hair and I need a stylist like you in my life!!! Plz help me! " 


After a quick phone conversation with Melissa I was able to quickly identify her issues and I decided to share them with you all because these are very common issues that everyday women who wear extensions deal with!  

1. Leaving your install in TOO LONG!!! 

Ladies i don't care why kind of extensions you're wearing or what the previous stylist told you, you should not have the same installation in beyond 8 weeks! Everyone who has hair, sheds hair everyday up to 150 strands. If you have a weave sewn-in/ micro-linked or fused in where do you think that hair is going? It's stuck inside your extensions, wrapping around your stronger hair, locking and Matting up, make sense?



2. Improper Installations

this is another issue that I see all too often. Improperly installed extensions can wreck havoc on your hair especially bonding or fusion extensions. Be sure that your stylist is educated in the installation method they are performing and ask for pictures and references if need be. Improper installations can lead to permanent hair loss.


 Bad fusion extensions

Bad fusion extensions

3. Stop being CHEAP!!! 

Yes I said it! I said it!! My  hair extension service can range from $300-$1000+. I understand that not everyone can fork over exuberant amounts of money for hair extensions but remember "You get what you pay for" I can't think of any better way to put. If you are getting a service that you know cost $300 for $100 then you better believe the stylist isn't taking their time, paying special attention to your head or concerned about being meticulous and detailed. They have to do 3 people for the price of one so they are trying to get you in and out. Be weary of extremely cheap hair extension services, you're more likely to run into untrained, unskilled and uneducated stylist this way.  

Your hair extensions should be an enjoyable experience for you. They should make you feel good about your hair and you should be able to rest assured that your hair is protected and cared for. When you make the decision to get hair extensions it is both yours and your stylist responsibility to work together and maintain them to the highest degree. If you are looking for a trusted stylist email me at

Hope you enjoy!

 Jonathan Abernathy installing extensions  

Jonathan Abernathy installing extensions