In a time where celebrities have a different hair color every the paparazzi snaps a photo of them or they grace a red carpet, naturally the masses are going to want the "Look" and many will go to great lengths to achieve it. A quick call to your local salon and your off to get that platinum blonde or silver grey color for your coifs! You leave the salon, you hair looks great and then a week or two later, its shedding, dry, and looks nothing like what you expected. So what happened?

Far too often, everyday women are misinformed on what their hair can actually do. To understand hair, you have to know the science that goes along with it. Clients thinks its as easy as pulling out a box of hair color and applying it. Anyone who's a hair stylist know that is the farthest thing from the truth.

When you are considering an extreme hair color change you should be sure to do your research and visit multiple stylist with the appropriate questions. Here are some red flags to stay away from!

1. If the stylist has never done your hair and doesn't recommend a consultation.

2. If you ask them to explain the process to achieve your new look and they cant....RUN!

3. If you request photos or references of similar work and they cant/wont/ or don't provide it.

4. If they are unlicensed.

5. If the price is too good to be true. REAL hair care cost. You get what you pay for!

6. If your stylist tell you not to do it, you probably shouldn't! 


Here are are a FEW tips to remember when choosing a hair color: 

1. Going darker is ALWAYS easier and less damaging.  

2. Darker hair shouldn't be lifted more than 4 levels at time.  

3. Naturally lighter hair is easier to color bright colors without having to pre-lift. 

4. If you wants highlights or Balayage your lightest shade should be no more than 6 shades lighter than your base.  

5. Remember if you take your dark hair light it's a commitment that required lots of maintenance. (Deep conditioning, protein, etc) 

 Bad Brassy Blonde hair color!

Bad Brassy Blonde hair color!

Its important to understand that ALL hair is not created equally. Some hair can achieve colors and styles that aren't as attainable on others and that's fine. Its your responsibility as a consumer to ask questions and our responsibility as a licensed and educated stylist to educate you on that!

As always, if you have hair questions please leave your feedback in the comments! Like and share!