Happy Tuesday ladies! Let me just jump right into things! I promised you all a review of the Ms. Lula's Hair my client purchased a few weeks ago, I've waited a little while so that I could give you a review after shampooing/ blow drying & restyling the hair. 


Week 1  

 Freshly installed and curl

Freshly installed and curl

The hair was extremely soft to the touch, no tangles and no shedding. The natural luster on the hair was very beautiful, however the ends did need to be trimmed upon installation.



Week 2

I didn't see my client at all during week 2, she did however give me an update which she said she had a very little tangling in the morning other than that no major complaints.  


Week 3

After shampooing/conditioning and blowdrying I began to curl the hair with a flat-iron at about 450 degrees. What I immediately noticed was that the ends of the hair were extremely dry and brittle after curling. I alerted my client and immediately clip those ends off. My initial thought was to turn down my iron temperature but I generally do 450 heat on all my other hair extensions and have never had this problem. Aside from that there weren't any other major issues with the hair in my opinion. It did seem to have to be curled pretty hard for the curl to remain tight, aside from that no major problem. 


Verdict: I think Ms. Lula is a great low-price option for girls who are new to the market, want to try something new and be budget concious- However my seasoned "Weave girls" I can't recommend this to. Anyone who's has worn extensions from some of the more established hair vendors would not be impressed.  


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